Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
coop_local bd1cb7   5 years vincent.adolphe simplification wsgi
layouts f69bb1   5 years gael.utard Bug #2757: white background in BDIS home page
page_account 97cbcd   5 years gael.utard Fix BDIS right and account menu
page_calls f9b451   5 years gael.utard Typo
page_directory c06fc9   50 years (none)
page_guaranties c5b392   6 years gael.utard Bug #49: list of guaranties
page_iframe 7b8516   5 years gael.utard Bug #3479: fix BDIS iframe filtering
page_map 23efb0   5 years gael.utard Fix erroneous query string for page_map/page_directory
page_newsletter 73b243   6 years gael.utard Bug #931: update newsletter subscription email
page_pasr_agenda cbc45a   5 years gael.utard Bug #1254: vertical alignment in search forms
page_search c116eb   5 years sbe No right menu for Search page
plugin_direct 6fed44   6 years gael.utard Bug #1221: add force_publication to Calls for tenders
plugin_exchange ceb15c   5 years gael.utard Fix crash in exchange
plugin_home_search a67588   5 years gael.utard New layout for home BDIS search
plugin_last_news 29b800   5 years sbe Fix duplicate events in last news
plugin_subpages 8e5b8a   6 years gael.utard Bug #661: resources space layout
plugin_zoomsur 6fed44   6 years gael.utard Bug #1221: add force_publication to Calls for tenders
project_install 5af85d   5 years gael.utard Big RDF cleanup
themes ea7b1a   5 years gael.utard Fix home template of BDIS layout
.gitignore 160 bytes 677a39   5 years vincent.adolphe modif makefile / .gitignore
CHANGELOG 16.5 KB 8201fa   5 years gael.utard Bug #2798: fix clean_is_network()
env.template 319 bytes c6eb02   5 years gael.utard Fix install
INSTALL 408 bytes 9fc891   5 years gael.utard Typo 2.8 KB 08dcf2   5 years vincent.adolphe ensure PIL will be compiled with jpeg and gz support
Makefile 2.8 KB 637f2a   5 years vincent.adolphe Makefile:requirements should be idempotent 253 bytes a39d27   7 years gael.utard Make executable 366 bytes 25440d   6 years antoine.cezar Fix dangerous bug in dump/restore scripts 1.1 KB e61000   5 years gael.utard Restore DBIS domain
requirements.txt 3.6 KB ae0694   5 years vincent.adolphe precision des versions dans requierements.txt
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